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Claudia Duschner



4th – 6th April     LUXEMBOURG  Philharmonie Luxembourg –
Foundation EME 

What really works when we express ourselves? The content of what is said only accounts for 7% of communication, the rest of our communication is carried by tone of voice, the use of our voices and posture. That’s exactly what this is about: YOUR VOCAL SELF-DETERMINATION! After our training you are able to skillfully control your communication through the optimal use of  your voice: “WHICH intensity with WHOM in any given situation?”
Achieve your personal success both professionally and personally!

3 steps to YOUR success and SECURITY

1. Analysis

Together we will discuss your current situation, your challenges, your objectives or your concerns. Depending on which service you want, we will go into more detail here.


We create your individual schedule for your request. Be it lectures, seminars, training or singing performances: With all my services we talk through your wishes together.

3. Implementation

As we all know, the best part comes at the end: you will change! Depending on which service you have booked – we dive into strengthening voice training or into the beautiful world of singing.

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“Hello Mrs Duschner, thanks a lot for the great training day. The participants were very satisfied. A direct quote: “Mrs. Duschner lives (for) her content.” 

(Sparkasse, training day)

“I only expected 20% of what I got. I didn’t know that the topic was so complex. It could have gone on for hours.”

(Federal association BVMW - seminar)

“I’m thrilled – I’ve seen so much change today – in myself and in others.Thank you for this valuable day! Two colleagues really want to be there next time!”

(Commerzbank - training day)

“You are a top trainer and were a real highlight in our program!”

(Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft - Regionalleitung)

“Thank you very much for the clear and to the point presentation: Normally I’d be looking at my emails on the side, but with yourself I was with you the whole time.”

(Specialist advisor to the German state parliament in North Rhine-Westphalia)

“I would like to thank you for the empowering and inspiring training.Your holistic approach in particular has done me a lot of good.”

(Head of Corporate & Structured Finance - Training 1 to 1)

„Wow – I never felt that before and I can hear and feel the difference now.”

(senior manager, England - lecture & private tuition)


1. Knowledge

KNOWLEDGE of the connection between stress and tension and the body, breathing, voice and impact, and the UNDERSTANDING of the reasons for our behavioural patterns to be able to make positive changes to our behaviour.

2. Perspective

The RECOGNITION of the various perspectives within ourselves and with others in different situations and within systems, to allow us to live out new behaviours. 

3. Expertise

Your EXPERTISE is your own individual action plan, to put into place the simple, effective and efficient and at the same time challenging tips, with a lightness and humour in stressful situations. 

30 years of experience in culture, education, teaching, health, politics and business.

Training offered in English and internationally.