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The voice as a key success factor – how you can achieve more through individual voice training.

Intensive 1 to 1 training sessions to really get down to business – you decide how deep and how intense we go.

We get to the bottom of the matter in individual training sessions. 

We tackle the challenges head on in individual training sessions. After a detailed analysis of your voice’s behavior, we look at what we can change to help you achieve your vocal goals. Whether acting convincingly in sales and negotiation talks, or reacting empathetically and respectfully in personal conversation – it doesn’t matter: we set up your own individual roadmap and open your full vocal potential. Especially suitable for managers, politicians or executives.


I’ll show you how to:
Add power to your voice
Let your body language speak for you
remain vocally authentic and flexible in challenging situations
be convincing and confident
hold your audience’s attention
convey moods and emotions through your voice
create a pleasant atmosphere in the room
give your personality self-confidence
deal with stage fright and turn it into something positive
Use your voice optimally and in a variety of ways
have clear pronunciation with clear consonants and resounding vowels
use your voice appropriately according to the situation

The following elements are essential to be able to get your point across effectively;

– breathing
– Posture
– Beliefs and attitudes
– Emotional limitations and permissions
– awareness of the ability to create any desired impact with your voice
– potential impact of the voice
– Self-consciousness
the effective use of pauses in speaking
– and much more

presentation training

presentation training

Do you want your audience to be captivated by your words during presentations and lectures?

I’ll show you HOW. You are your voice! You stand for yourself, your messages, your services, your products. Don’t leave the impact of your words to chance.

Your voice and posture are the most important factors in your success.

Energetic, varied and clear speaking are the ingredients for creating a deep and meaningful connection between you and your viewers. Being a good public speaker is a skill. Skills can be learned, even if we sometimes have to leave our comfort zone to do so. I am very happy to support you with this.

I’ll show you how to:

build up tension to keep the audience hanging on your every word.
fill the room with your presence and charisma
– remain vocally authentic and flexible in challenging situations
– be convincing and confident
convey varied moods and emotions through your voice
– create an intense or pleasant atmosphere in the room
– dealing with extended silences
– Give your personality even more self-confidence and radiance
neutralise and see the potential in stage fright
– use your voice effectively in a targeted manner
– use your posture consciously
– create an internal positivity and project this outwards
– master and use the power of breathing

After a detailed analysis of your situation, we create your own individual roadmap, which is geared towards overcoming personal challenges and maximising strengths. After this, we will go into everything in intensive training sessions. Also online via Zoom, Skype or in person.

Secure your coaching for more vocal success.

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Your booster for vocal success

How do I say what in which situation with which person? How do I lead my voice and create its mood? What is successful communication? How do I want to present myself in presentations, meetings or lectures? These are absolutely crucial questions for your success.

Clear communication is the key to professional and private success. If you don’t master this, you will never be able to exploit your full potential.

On the way to expanding vocal effectiveness, we explore essential questions and find your personal answers that leads you to greater openness, courage and clarity. Those around you will feel the changes in your voice directly. You will appear clearer, calmer and freer, and be more charismatic, convincing, self-confident, authentic and competent – both in person as well as online.

We will discuss the following topics:

●  3-type model for developing an awareness of the ability to create any desired impact with your voice.  
● Posture
● Effect of voice
● breathing
● Effect of speed and timing
● P
atterns of movement 
● State of mind and personal beliefs
● Emotional limitations and permissions
● Confidence
● effective use of pauses in speaking
● and much more

The voice is the expression of the soul and whose effect is deeper and more immediate than words alone. The path to greater self-determination and vocal empowerment can be rocky and you often don’t have the right sparring partner for it. Don’t worry – I’ll support you with that. Together we will clarify basic life questions that lead to greater openness, self-confidence, clarity and strength. These new perspectives translate to audible change that is immediately noticeable to those around you. Learn the invaluable ability to instantly and consciously control the pitch, intensity, timbre, and volume of your voice.

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Singing is so goodEveryone can and should sing! For personal development, for a challenge, to try something new and to find one’s own voice. Sounds, emotions, airwaves and self-expression are in flux: Tensions are released, movements are activated, the words go deep and sounds are liberated. Experience the beauty of your own world of sound and the positive effect on body, mind and soul.

With a wide variety of singing, movement, relaxation and mental techniques, we work playfully to build trust in ourselves and to develop our voice and our breath as fuel for the voice: sound, energy and vocal power are expressed to their full extent and volume.

We’ll work on:

Songs from rock, pop, classical or musical
Solo, duet or choral compositions
Performance preparations
● increasing self-confidence in your own voice
● the development of your own voice
● Optimizing posture and movement patterns
Opening and deepening breathing and regulate respiratory flow
the flow of energy and emotions
● Clarify rhythms and tone sequences

● and much more

Develop your vocal sound and bring a wide variety of works to life. Enjoy your favorite songs and pieces to the fullest and make them unforgettable for your listeners.

In INDIVIDUAL TRAINING SETTINGS or with CHOIRS – I will show you effective ways to lead and use your body in a self-determined manner, to develop the tones and timbres of your voice the way you want them to be and to reach new pitches resoundingly and freely.


I know what it’s like to be a musician like the back of my hand: from Tutti Violinist to Concertmaster and from choir and ensemble singer to solo soprano and finally choir director and conductor, I have been able to live and experience a wide variety of positions. I would like to pass on this wide range of experiences to you.

Let’s explore, get to know and make the most of the beautiful diversity of your voice together. Simply fill in the short contact form. I look forward to you and your voice!

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YOOO! Leonie has done it: passed the entrance exam for musical singen as 1 of 40 new first semester in germany! 

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30 years of experience in culture, education, teaching, health, politics and business.

Training offered in English and internationally.