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How do I want to present myself? What do I need to be charismatic and effective? How do I convince the person who I am talking with? What do I want to be understood from my communication? These are just a few of the many questions that concern the complex world of the voice.

The effective use of the voice comes from having an awareness of the interrelated psychological and physiological connections between the voice, stress and the body and putting them to use. The mastery of this is clear: voice creates atmosphere.

With my 3-Type model, you will learn how to change the pitch, the manner and the speed of your voice in order to be able to effectively convey different messages in different contexts. This is exactly what my lectures are about: the correct adjustment of the right parameters to inspire people, to convince them and to be able to feel comfortable at the same time. 


● Connection between body, breath, voice and stress
● Self-regulation and self-determination
● Overcomiing inhibitions
● adventurous communication
● Vocal use – both as an art and a craft
● Being able to play flexibly with voice and tension
● Strengthening the voice
● and much more

What are you and your teams own challenges? and where do you see a need for action?
Please use the short contact form so that we can discuss your lecture programm individually.


How do I impact, when I speak ENGLISH? Which impact has my individuel mother tongue to the sound of my voice and the atmospere in verbal communication systems? And how can I change it immediately in this direction I really want to? 

Because we like, what we are used to – on an unconscious level. Sometimes our nervous system is confused, if the foreign accent is too strong. We need good feelings, if we want to create successfull solutions.

So I have to know how to change myself, the use of my voice and my impact!
We have to talk about that!

Persönlichkeitscoaching, Life Coaching & Präsentationstraining mit Claudia Duschner national im Ruhrgebiet (Mülheim/Oberhausen/Essen) & Online National und International


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