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The voice as a key success factor – how you can achieve more through individual voice training.

Intensive 1 to 1 training sessions to really get down to business – you decide how deep and how intense we go.

We get to the bottom of the matter in individual training sessions. 

We tackle the challenges head on in individual training sessions. After a detailed analysis of your voice’s behavior, we look at what we can change to help you achieve your vocal goals. Whether acting convincingly in sales and negotiation talks, or reacting empathetically and respectfully in personal conversation – it doesn’t matter: we set up your own individual roadmap and open your full vocal potential. Especially suitable for managers, politicians or executives.


● Add power to your voice
● Let your body language speak for you
● remain vocally authentic and flexible in challenging situations
● be convincing and confident
● hold your audience’s attention
● convey moods and emotions through your voice
● create a pleasant atmosphere in the room
● give your personality self-confidence
● deal with stage fright and turn it into something positive
● Use your voice optimally and in a variety of ways
● have clear pronunciation with clear consonants and resounding vowels
● use your voice appropriately according to the situation

The following elements are essential to be able to get your point across effectively;

potential impact of the voice
– Self-consciousness
– the effective use of pauses in speaking
– breathing
– Posture
Beliefs and attitudes
Emotional limitations and permissions
awareness of the ability to create any desired impact with your voice
– and much more


No matter whether you want to use the voice training for your job as a manager, as a teacher, privately or similar, you will feel the change directly.

Immerse yourself in the world of voice training from the comfort of your own home or at the place of your choice online with me: with Zoom or Skype you can train from wherever you want. I am also happy to be there for you here in the voice studio or on site at your company.
Would you like to get the most out of yourself and your voice with a few new processes? Then fill in the short contact form now. I will contact you as soon as possible.

30 years of experience in culture, education, teaching, health, politics and business.

Also in English and internationally active.