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People have always fascinated me. So individual and unique and at the same time so similar and alike, dealing with life’s most common challenges. What would a world full of the same people be like? Exactly this difference in the tension between group membership and self-determination is what I find so interesting. I would like to give you the ideas and opportunities to be able both control and set free yourself and your own voice, thoughts, feelings, breath and posture.


I was born in Stockholm and came to Germany when I was almost four years old. I know what it’s like to breathe and feel the air in different places and cultural environments, and through music I have had the opportunity to work with people all around the globe, which is why I can empathize with other nationalities so well. 

I completed the first state examination in music (violin) at the Hochschule für Musik Rheinland, as well as studying German at the University of Cologne and finishing my opera singing studies at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. This educational experience as well as my subsequent years working means that I have been dealing with voices and moods for decades. 

I have been happily running the voice studio in Mülheim an der Ruhr since 2010 and have been able to train people for 30 years, promoting them vocally, challenging them and supporting them on their way. I am very grateful for that!

international experience

I have worked with international teachers and coaches in different countries for my further vocal and pedagogical development. I had lessons in New York, Warsaw, Porto, Mallorca and at the Verona Arena, played in France, Italy and Poland and sang in Zurich, Dubrovnik and Manila. I have experienced and had to sing a wide variety of vocal styles, singing styles and languages ​​- there are so many small differences in how languages ​​sound, how they are formed and how they affect the body. These incredibly multifaceted experiences now greatly enrich my international teaching activities. With 30 years of teaching experience, I can now quickly feel where a problem is and successfully help to release tension, open spaces and thoughts when speaking or singing. I am particularly proud of my great students, who have already become voice teachers (also in England), singing teachers, speech therapists, doctors and also musical singers. I am so proud of you!

LearnING from music and people from all AROUND THE GLOBE

Working with the voice is a craft, an art form and a kind of sport at the same time. Through my experience in music, as a singer and conductor, I have learned to create moods and use them in a targeted manner. It is incredibly important to know and recognize which space within myself I have to open up and occupy before I can create the desired mood. This is the physical part.

Whether using the right muscles in the optimal dosage, being able to “play” them, using micro-muscles in isolation or consciously interrupting other muscle connections at the same time: simultaneously doing opposite things in the body requires mental and emotional clarity and physical condition. All this at a wide range of tones and for a extended periods of time is very athletic.

The ability to actively shape mood curves and atmospheres with the voice and through communication require artistry and creativity: Liven up conversations and presentations through lively communication, or calmly and boldly convey factual information. Holding the other person’s attention through multifaceted communication and achieving real contact with them or conveying clarity and appreciative opposing points of view to the other person through short and crisp 3-word sentences. The various means of conversation are almost limitless.

By working with groups of people, with musicians, in orchestras, in ensembles and choirs as a violinist and soprano, and as a soloist and conductor, I have learned to recognize group dynamics quickly and also had to learn – pleasurably as well as painfully – how people react and what it means to lead groups and to position oneself clearly and flexibly at the same time.

Learning never stops! I have a wealth of experience that I would like to share with you. I really love my job and am infinitely grateful that I can live my passion whilst passing on my knowledge, training, teaching and singing. My sense of job satisfaction comes directly from doing my best for you.

Feel free to convince yourself.


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30 years of experience in culture. education.
teaching. health. politics. business.

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