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This is what my voice seminars are all about: learning and training. The control of the optimal muscles in the optimal direction for creating the perfect impact with the voice. Dare to experiment in a group and experience change.

We deal with special challenges and topics in seminars run as intensive group training sessions. The program is discussed individually in advance and tailored to your team and you.

The results are often phenomenal, especially due to the impact they have on team dynamics. Learning with and from each other triggers a special kind of self-awareness among the participants. This leads to significantly better language skills and optimal use of voice.


1. Knowledge

KNOWLEDGE of the connection between stress and tension and the body, breathing, voice and impact, and the UNDERSTANDING of the reasons for our behavioural patterns to be able to make positive changes to our behaviour.

2. Perspective

The RECOGNITION of the various perspectives within ourselves and with others in different situations and within systems, to allow us to live out new behaviours. 

3. Expertise

Your EXPERTISE is your own individual action plan, to put into place the simple, effective and efficient and at the same time challenging tips, with a lightness and humour in stressful situations. 

Goals in the seminars

● Using voice flexibly and effectively
● Keeping the listener’s attention
● Giving your personality even more charisma

● Nurturing your voice over the long term and supporting it with breathing air
● Understanding my 3-type model for optimal voice guidance in different communication situations
● Aligning voice, speech, language and body language for clear and unambiguous messages
● Saying the things you want to say to those around you in the way you want them to – clear, sonorous, understandable, authentic and self-determined
● and many other interesting topics


With over 20 years of seminar experience and working with many groups of different ages and professional orientations, I have been able to gain a great deal of experience with group dynamic processes. I quickly recognize individual strengths and weaknesses and can skillfully and flexibly adapt my teaching style. Immerse yourself in the world of mood.

Unleash the full power of your voice and lead your team through significantly better and more effective communication. Simply fill out the contact form and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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30 years of experience in culture. education. teaching. health. politics. business.

Vocal Empowerment. Claudia Duschner Stimm-Expertin