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“Fantastic what you conjured up in the hour. You did a great job of structuring the presentation. It was amazing and a great pleasure … it was a very inspiring and impressive event. Hugely motivation – and it was still a lot of fun!”


“Thank you very much for your stunning presentation. I took a “big suitcase” home with me… I would have loved to have listened for many hours more … Great! … Thank you for the positive, in depth workshop – the imagery, joy and passion for the voice and the drive behind it … great aesthetic and images … Thank you for these valuable ideas, voice tips and pictures … Your voice is wonderful! It was very pleasant… I’m already looking forward to part 2… Thank you for your passion…”

Lectures presence

LEADING MANAGER in ENGLISH in ENGLAND (LEcture + single-training)

“Amazing trainer, very understanding and helpful session … engaging presentation … practical guidance … I couldn’t imagine, how interesting and complex this topic about the voice and its impact could be. It’s really amazing, what’s possible with voices… I appreciate these hours very much. Thank you very much for the knew ideas and thoughts!”


“Thanks for the clarity. It was so great to see the different connections – I hadn’t been aware of this before… thanks for everything, I learned so much!… it was very rewarding … Respect! You really can tell that you know what you are talking about…”


“I was very impressed by your lecture… You were the hero of the day!… Your lecture was just great… so interesting and so funny… have you also written a book about it?… I was really carried along with the lecture… You were such a popular speaker, you must have noticed that from the strong applause…”



“That was really great, crisp and very enriching … The right points addressed really well…. The hour flew by! You really hear and recognize a lot…Thank you very much for the vigorous, to the point presentation: Normally I would work on my emails on the side, but I was actually with you the whole time (specialist advisor in the state parliament) … Thank you for the energetic presentation: it was very enjoyable: entertainment & at the same time I learnt a lot! (HR Director) … Raising awareness is incredibly helpful & effective … Great class … Super balanced … Extremely exciting … Entertaining & interesting … Something for everyone … That was really great” (Lawyer, Brussels) … That was very good done… That gave me a lot…”



“A great seminar: entertaining, dynamic and diplomaticfascinating how breathing and posture change the voice and voice tone and how you achieved this so quickly. How do you do that? … It was better than expected … The seminar was absolutely great and especially Ms. Duschner’s individual approach was very impressive and helpful. The examples and pictures were very concrete, so everything was clear and understandable. It was much more than voice training and certainly helped everyone in the group…. You are the 2nd trainer in 23 years who has grabbed me! Thanks! (Team leader/ manager)”


“I wanted to thank you again for the very effective training today at the FOM. Maybe there will even be an opportunity to work together.” (Professor for Business Psychology) … I’ve learned new and existential things. Thanks a lot for this! … I enjoyed your way of speaking! You really do what you say, as well as how you say it… Very confident…”


“We were very satisfied and enthusiastic about the voice seminar. Above all, we liked the course of the seminar, that first the individual people were dealt with and then the exercises were also selected in a goal-oriented manner… I really liked the seminar I liked the open and friendly nature of Ms. Duschner very much. I was able to learn a few new things, how I can influence my own voice through breathing techniques and thus also control my external impact… Ms. Duschner, it worked: At a performance of a seminar on sovereignty with Knacki Deuser there was a “very confident” as feedback! … Extremely interesting and recommended for everyone …”

ONLINE-BANK - Commerzdirekt Service

“Thank you for the great day, which you designed in such an appreciative, instructive and surprising way in terms of the vocal change… The clear concept of the seminar content was conveyed with great sensitivity, absolutely purposefully, conclusively and in an entertaining manner. Thanks! … I can’t tell you how enthusiastic I was about your seminar and how much I would like to see it continuedWonderful how you met everyone where they were. Great that you addressed the individual concerns of the individual participants. Great how you managed to lure everyone out of their comfort zone. I just loved it and I’m so glad I signed up.”


I’d heard so many good things about you from the previous seminars, I was just happy that it was my turn … Super interesting how voice and body are medically and psychologically connected and how simply you explained it and how we could implement it. Time flew. Thank you very much for the enrichment. I’ll say to the team tomorrow that we must have Claudia Duschner for a new training course…”

federal association of mid-size businesses and economy - BVMW

You really are a top trainer and a highlight in our program (regional management) … Ms. Duschner went far beyond what I had expected in her workshop and dealt with each participant individually. This happened in a very appreciative and sensitive and holistic way, so that I left the workshop with a very positive feeling – I would have liked to have continued for hours. Thanks very much! … That was an outstanding seminar!” (Head of the regional association)


Thank you to my company for finding you for me. … I would like to thank you very much for your support and valuable motivation you gave me. Some things took time to mature, but thanks to your help, I am in a completely different place today than I was two years ago – which would certainly not have been the case without your input. (from manager to self-employment) … “I’ve really changed – in so many areas.” (Manager assurance) … Thank you again for the great hour. Her pleasent, competent manner lets you gain confidence immediately so that you can get involved in the exercises. I immediately recommended you to others…”



“It was a pleasure to play with you! Last but not least, I enjoyed your diverse range of sounds and the stylistic diversity!” (pianist) … “Thank you very much for this wonderful, extraordinary concert! We are still very touched! It was really very nice, actually we can’t find the words… It was more than just a concert – a real experience!”… Thank you for spoiling us so much: with the pieces, the lyrics and your voice! … I’m always so happy to hear your voice … Dear Ms. Duschner, the great resonance of the concert should actually reach you. So many guests call, email and text: great-touching-sensational. You and your pianist were not only a “dream couple” for us … respect for your singing, your depth and feelings and respect for the execution of your meaning of a world premiere … I had goosebumps and was so touched that I had to Squeeze my wife’s hand tightly. … We are so grateful to you! … It was a unique experience, a rare opportunity that you will not have again in a hurry …”


“A very big thank you again for your musical accompaniment! You made our wedding extra special and sang for us with so much love! … Without you, Ms. Duschner, and your singing, our wedding would not have been half as good! … We would like to thank you again very, very much for the wonderful singing performances at our wedding! That was pure “goosebumps”. Very dear thanks. You have given the wedding ceremony a worthy musical setting. Our guests were also very impressed by your performanceThank you also for your help in choosing the pieces of music, they were just right. Keep your nice and warm nature!


“Thank you for the great training, all the discussions and the great coaching! Without you I would not have passed the entrance exam for singing in a musical!!!” … It was worth its weight in gold that I had the lesson with you today. You always have a magic box with the right contents … I knew you could fix me… When I walk out of your place, I’m always more centered than before. It’s like a day’s vacation here! (Psychotherapist from Duisburg) … It has been important to me for a long time to get in touch with you and also to tell you that singing lessons with you meant a lot to me personally and vocally… I think you have a lot to give to a lot of singers and just wanted to say thank you again along the way (now vocal coach in England)… Today is our last lesson and I thank you! Your lessons are the Ruhr area’s great gift to me: I step out of every hour, wiggle, creep cautiously and happily: I’m enchanted, shaky, shaken, breathless, in love every time!  Yes, in love (please be brave!) with myself. This is scary and unusual… and beautiful! I wish you happiness, warmth and all the best! And because I can’t imagine it any other way: see you soon!” (actor, Berlin)


!“The conversations with you are really always a fresh breeze for my thoughts and are very, very valuable. Then 2 1/2 hours are over again like a moment (executive)It’s great how you get to the point with me. You reflect my behavior and ways of speaking, which I can now think about carefully, notice and then change (doctor)… An hour with you brought me more than 10 days in the pain clinic (Personnel consultants) … Thank you again for the intensive training and for resolving old structures (Managing Director) … Thank you again for your time. With you I can think through my topics and find my individual (life) formulas! The hours were very valuable and helpful for me (mathematician) … I would like to thank you very much for your work. They helped me a lot to understand my conflict and see it in a different light. It feels like everyone is in the right place. You have inspired me a lot! … I think the 2 1/2 hours here saved me 3 1/2 years of coaching. Thanks! … We’ll meet again!”


30 years of experience in culture. education teaching. health. politics. business.

Vocal Empowerment. Claudia Duschner Stimm-Expertin