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Presentation Training


Do you want your audience to be captivated by your words during presentations and lectures?

I’ll show you HOW. You are your voice! You stand for yourself, your messages, your services, your products. Don’t leave the impact of your words to chance.

Your voice and posture are the most important factors in your success.

Energetic, varied and clear speaking are the ingredients for creating a deep and meaningful connection between you and your viewers. Being a good public speaker is a skill. Skills can be learned, even if we sometimes have to leave our com

I'll show you how to:

build up tension to keep the audience hanging on your every word
fill the room with your presence and charisma
– remain vocally authentic and flexible in challenging situations
– be convincing and confident
– convey varied moods and emotions through your voice
– create an intense or pleasant atmosphere in the room
– use your posture consciously
dealing with extended silences
– Give your personality even more self-confidence and radiance
neutralise and see the potential in stage fright
– use your voice effectively in a targeted manner
– create an internal positivity and project this outwards
– master and use the power of breathing

After a detailed analysis of your situation, we create your own individual roadmap, which is geared towards overcoming personal challenges and maximising strengths. After this, we will go into everything in intensive training sessions. Also online via Zoom, Skype or in person.

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30 years of experience in culture. education. teaching. health. politics. business.

Vocal Empowerment. Claudia Duschner Stimm-Expertin