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Press reviews

Press reviews


“As a personality trainer, the soprano Claudia Duschner helps people to listen to the basic tone of their soul and thus to be in harmony with themselves: “… If you know yourself, you can also be friends with yourself. If you listen to Claudia Duschner explaining her concept, it sounds: right.”

NRZ article "The woman with a feeling for moods"

“Today Claudia Duschner is the programme.“She was there in 2013, she hit me like a bomb,” whispers woman to woman. The singer, trainer and Mülheimer Duschner’s topic is “The entrepreneur’s vocal presentation”.At first glance, that doesn’t sound much more exciting than, let’s say, what you might expect, but it turns out to be 90 minutes of brilliant entertainment.”

WAZ Beilage Wirtschaft


“Claudia Duschner with Mozart’s “Alma belle” … in captivating passion and with stunning vocal potential.”

“Claudia Duschner enchanted with her bell-like soprano, accompanied on the piano by Dominikus Burghardt, at the RUHRREVUE Summer Salon.”

“Claudia Duschner is not only in good form with John Downland’s “Come Away”. With Schumann’s “Widmung” or the coloratura-saturated aria “Je suis Titania” of the opera rarity “Mignon”, the former savings bank boss Henning Ostheus-Albrecht with his wife, Sheraton director Roland Ohlberger or cultural promoter Marianne Kaiser followed the charming singer.”

“… the soprano Claudia Duschner, who certainly represented one of the highlights of the event with arias from operas and operettas”


30 years of experience in culture. education.
teaching. health. politics. business.

Vocal Empowerment. Claudia Duschner Stimm-Expertin