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Everyone can and is allowed to sing! For personal development, for a challenge, to try something new and to find one’s own voice. Sounds, emotions, airwaves and self-expression are in flux: Tensions are released, movements are activated, the words go deep and sounds are liberated. Experience the beauty of your own world of sound and the positive effect on body, mind and soul.

With a wide variety of singing, movement, relaxation and mental techniques, we work playfully to build trust in ourselves and to develop our voice and our breath as fuel for the voice: sound, energy and vocal power are expressed to their full extent and volume.

We’ll work on:
Songs from rock, pop, classical or musical
Solo, duet or choral compositions
● Performance preparations
● increasing confidence in your own voice
● the development of their own voice
Optimizing posture and movement patterns
Opening and deepening breathing and regulating respiratory flow
● the flow of energy and emotions
● clarifying rhythms and tone sequences
and a whole lot more

Develop your vocal sound and bring a wide variety of works to life. Enjoy your favorite songs and pieces to the fullest and make them unforgettable for your listeners.

In INDIVIDUAL TRAINING SETTINGS or with CHOIRS – I will show you effective ways to lead and use your body in a self-determined manner, to develop the tones and timbres of your voice the way you want them to be and to reach new pitches resoundingly

you have found the right person:

I know what it’s like to be a musician like the back of my hand: from Tutti Violinist to Concertmaster and from choir and ensemble singer 
to solo soprano and finally choir director and conductor, I have been able to live and experience a wide variety of positions. I would like to pass on this wide range of experiences to you.

Let’s explore, get to know and make the most of the beautiful diversity of your voice together. Simply fill in the short contact form. I look forward to you and your voice!

Leonie has done it - passed the entrance exam for musical singen as 1 of 40 new first semester in germany

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30 years of experience in culture. education. teaching. health. politics. business.

Vocal Empowerment. Claudia Duschner Stimm-Expertin