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    “Hello Mrs Duschner, thanks a lot for the great training day. The participants were very satisfied. A direct quote: “Mrs. Duschner lives (for) her content.” 

      “I only expected 20% of what I got. I didn’t know that the topic was so complex. It could have gone on for hours.”

        “I’m thrilled – I’ve seen so much change today – in myself and in others. Thank you for this valuable day! Two colleagues really want to… Read More »

          “You are a top trainer and were a real highlight in our program!”

            “Thank you very much for the clear and to the point presentation: Normally I’d be looking at my emails on the side, but with yourself I… Read More »

              “I would like to thank you for the empowering and inspiring training. Your holistic approach in particular has done me a lot of good.”

                „Wow – I never felt that before and I can hear and feel the difference now.”