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Persönlichkeitscoaching, Life Coaching & Präsentationstraining mit Claudia Duschner national im Ruhrgebiet (Mülheim/Oberhausen/Essen) & Online National und International


According to Nelson Mandela we are often “more afraid of our size than of our smallness”.

Dealing with one’s own voice often entails a clarification – of one’s own desires and needs unwanted positions and roles. If something changes in life, often something changes in the voice – because the person changes!
Personality and voice are so closely connected. “Per-sonare” in Latin means “to sound through.” So our being, our thinking and feeling always resonate in our voice – the HOW we speak.
So let’s sort out our lives!

We go in search of your personal answers for the following questions:
What do I need to be and stay in my greatness?
What still prevents me from courageously expressing what is really important to me?
To whom or what do I still give power over myself?
What lies hidden under nervousness and performance anxiety?
In which systems am I standing in the wrong position?
How do I talk to myself?
Which judgments, condemnations and thoughts do I choose?
What order do I want to establish in and around myself?
How and when do I clearly address and express necessary clarifications?
Which fears arise when I come into my power?

Together we illuminate previous weakening and unclear patterns of communication, behavior and action and
You replace limiting beliefs with positive, strengthening and supportive ego-phrases.
You develop strengthening new inner images and throw old ballast overboard.
You discover new and old resources
You allow yourself compassion for yourself and old feelings and discover new beautiful visions for the future

You find…
Clarity about burdening emotions
Allowances for power, greatness and strength
Insights about constricting structures and repetitive patterns
elements of self-soothing and self-strengthening
the center of your system
Your steps to self-determined action!

Thereby it is YOUR TEMPO and YOUR WAY!

30 Jahre Erfahrung in Kultur, Bildung, Lehre, Gesundheit, Politik und Wirtschaft.

Auch in englischer Sprache und international tätig.

Stimme.Wirkt.Sofort Stimmtraining mit Stimmexpertin Claudia Duschner
Vocal Empowerment. Claudia Duschner Stimm-Expertin