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BLOG #1 THE VOICE DETERMINES ATMOSPHERE – “there’s something in the air”!

to be able to remain vocally self-determined in different situations.

Picture the scene: You have just entered a room and everybody’s backs are turned towards you! Are you confused because you expected something different? Would you notice even the smallest physical reactions in yourself in such situations? For example, an inner tension builds up in the chest area, the throat closes, the teeth clench, the breath stops … These reactions, which come from our nervous system to check the situation for danger and to put ourselves in a “beware” position, have an impact on our voice. This is not an optimal condition to speak freely, clearly and openly!


To become increasingly aware of the links between emotions, speech and voice. Are there situations that make me react in certain ways? Do I want to change my current reaction? What do I have to regulate in myself, where and how, in order to be able to speak freely, confidently and understandably?

Speech coaching brings you there when you fall into old patterns, which we do again and again, to become aware of them quicker and more frequently and to have the tools at hand to act self-confidently and in a self-determined way. When we feel that we are no longer at the mercy of our own feelings and reactions, but instead can remain capable of action, then this in turn strengthens our sense of self!

SPEECH TRAINING TRICKS     super. simple.effective.

  1. Calm yourself mentally in stressful situations, create an emotional distance from what is happening and set the goal of your vocal navigation system: “How do I really want to react vocally here now?”
  2. To do this, place the tip of your tongue at the bottom of your lower incisors, … this immediately loosens up the entire vocal apparatus, you can fall back into your personal vocal sound and no one notices!

Always stay with yourself and IN yourself … and you will save yourself a lot of stress – to be able to do this again and again as quickly as possible in everyday life, that is the challenge!