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BLOG #2 THE VOICE SHOWS ATMOSPHERE – like from an open book you can read it!

to develop your personal vocal sound

We, our bodies, are all made up of a combination of muscles, bones, water and tissue. Unfortunately, in the course of our lives we all become like a kind of “leaning tower of Pisa” – we often don’t notice this for a long time until pain finally reminds us!

Our larynx, our vocal apparatus in which our vocal cords are attached, literally HANGS in our throats, it is “dependent” on the musculature around it. And if we are honest, we know that most of the time we are not sitting or standing straight… AND YOU CAN HEAR THAT! Because our posture and the position of the larynx can be heard, so can our thinking and feelings also be heard!

When we are stressed, the state of tension in the muscles increases. We also have micro-muscles that are all connected to each other with rapid chain reactions: “When I pull on one end of a rope, the other end quickly follows.” It is the same with our muscles in our bodies. Actually, we know this, only we forget that every day we need to adjust, straighten and upright ourselves into balance to accommodate for this. If we don’t take care of this for a long time, tensions creep in and become entrenched and it simply takes longer to release them.


…us to be aware of tensions in different areas on a finer scale and we learn to ground ourselves anew again. Because the voice makes everything audible, also in a positive sense!

When everything is optimally “connected” then suddenly powerful, full-bodied sounds resound from us, which can even give us a kind of micro-massage when we speak and that is also really good for us, it calms us and gives us the feedback that speaking slowly, mindfully and clearly is beneficial. This is what we should always remind ourselves of in the storms of everyday life!

Voice coaching shows the technical tips and tricks to coach ourselves and change quickly in challenging situations!

SPEECH TRAINING TRICKS      super.simple.effective.

  1. Loosen the mouth and lower jaw both when speaking and breathing in… this releases pressure and tension in the jaw area, to build a larger sound space in the mouth area and thus to be able to produce your personal tone as well as a fuller voice.
  2. Keep stroking the side of your neck with your index and middle finger from the top to the collarbone with your mouth slightly open … this releases tension, to restore the optimal position of the cervical spine to be able to produce your optimal vocal sound!

Keep at it and be aware of your inner feelings more often because it pays off – you will feel and hear it!






Voice Expert.