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BLOG #1 THE VOICE CREATES ATMOSPHERE – but how can I consciously control it?

to be an optimal mood maker with your voice

We constantly make an impact on the world around us, wherever we are and immediately. The question is HOW does this happen and WHAT impact do I really want to make when I am speaking and communicating? Am I really aware of what I am doing and can I actually change this in the moment?

This sounds complicated. It’s actually quite simple to understand, but the real challenge is actually putting this into practice. As depicted in the picture, whenever we speak, we immediately create different types and tones of moods with our voice. Sometimes light and breathy and sometimes dark, powerful or even aggressive. We really are mood makers with our voices whether this is done consciously or unconsciously, deliberately or unintentionally. We immediately infect our counterparts with our inner tensions. When speaking, just as in life itself, so much that happens is done subconsciously. It is said that only 10% of what we do really is conscious.

We all have patterns

Behavioural patterns, movement patterns, thinking patterns, belief patterns… They help us to not have to think about individual processes all the time. They have a purpose and often also a meaning, only sometimes they can lose their benefit and can even become counterproductive.

What speech training can now do: Speech training can help people to recognise their own speech patterns, training away unwanted patterns of speech, developing new ones and gaining more control over your speech in more ways and for longer periods of time.

And to create the positive feeling of no longer being powerless to the impact that your voice creates and getting that tight feeling in your throat or the shortness of breath in certain speaking situations we can say NO! I can be reflective and am able to be, to think and to speak and to be able to do all this even under pressure or stress.


… to expand one’s own repertoire of possibilities, colours, intensities, and positions of your own voice. You can intensify the colour palette and the expressive possibilities of your voice in order to really make the impression you really want to make – and this really works! Speech training shows you new ways to guide yourself differently in stressful situations!

SPEECH TRAINING TRICKS    super.simple.effective.

  • Breathe often, and always OUTWARDS – Be generous and lavish with your exhaled air,…because we too often hold our breath for too long, … because our voices fuel the atmosphere!
  • Speak more consciously with momentum, with your inner mobility and even just with exhaled air … instead of with pressure and will!

Success will come, we just all need patience – in other words, we need “staying power“!